Proud Republican, a Trump supporter, believes in the Constitution-Bill of Rights, and all of the amendments.

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​​Is honest, an authentic leader, ..   Hates DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM

Does NOT believe in Wealth Redistribution of Tax Payer Funds. 

Reward American Whistle-Blowers 10% of the first year annual savings, for reporting Fraud and Waste.  Stop Raising Taxes.  More Accountability.

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM is killing California. Stop Raising Taxes.

Will not hide bad news just because it is uncomfortable to the public’s ear.

Thinks globally and acts locally.  Build a Huge Wall. Prosecute for ALL Crimes.

Realizes that in order for us to live in prosperity as a powerful and blessed country, reasonable steps need to be taken to make sure others achieve the same goals.

Through technology, we are becoming more and more inner related, globally.

Takes personal responsibility.

Remains level headed and has a sense of humor.

Has a healthy emotional IQ and has learned to move above his emotions, and his fixations to specific outcomes to think logically and globally.

Is rational and in control of his emotions and when the public is going through the emotional roller coaster, will be there to guide you through it.

Has a curious mind, a thirst for factual, expert oriented and unbiased knowledge all the time and on all levels.

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Can be trusted, is more of a collaborator than a competitor. Tries to build bridges rather than destroy them.

Is a natural mediator rather than one that creates conflict, tension, and separation.

Has no problem speaking out, and voicing out diplomatically concerns.

Will not cower down.  Will handle tough situations with courage.

"Finders Keepsers Act"  Written by Russ Lambert, a piece of legislation, that rewards Whistle-blowers 10% of the first years savings, for reporting Fraud and Waste associated with Tax Payer dollars.  Netting 90% savings back to America.  Contact Russ Lambert for more details.

We do not need New Taxes, we need more transparency, and accountability for existing tax dollars.

Illegal Alien wellfare fraud.  $ 140,000,000,000 ($140 Billion) ($ 140 Thousand Million), yes, it is a huge number.  How to Correct this ?

1  )  Remove the "California Self Regulation" for federal Welfare.  Give the re-qualification for welfare back to the Federal Government.

2  )  Thumb print, and or DNA mouth swab EVERY applicant, and every recipient (kids, moms, dads, disabled, everyone) who will be on the welfare / housing / food stamp program, all welfare programs.

3  )  Prosecute on the fraudulent applications.

4  )  Establish a re-payment plan for the theft.

5  )  To deter others from committing theft, INCARCERATE (temporarily) for the crime.

6  )  Deport the criminals.

There will be an AUTOMATIC 30% savings on the illegal alien.

The savings will pay for the WALL in about six months.

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The Democrats, Lou Correa, Nancy Pelosi, and others, what More Government control over U.S. Americans, More spending, and More regulations, further restricting American freedoms. 



A Legislative act, written by Russ Lambert, Republican Congressional Candidate, Orange County, California, 2018

The GAO, Government Accountability Office, a non partisan, will, maintain and manage this program.

What is it:  U.S. Americans, log into a website, inputs their information, and reports "FRAUD AND WASTE" of American Tax Payer funds.

Detailed information, supporting documentation if available, of the "FRAUD AND WASTE".

The GAO will forward to the proper investigative authority.

When a correction is made, the "WHISTLE-BLOWER" will receive a 10% reward of the first years annual savings for reporting the "FRAUD AND WASTE".

This will net 90% back to the U.S. American tax payer.  Saving Billions of Tax Payer Dollars per year.

We do not need more Taxes, we need more ACCOUNTABILITY of the current taxes generated at the expense of U.S. American Tax Payers.

Talk to Russ Lambert for more information.

Direct:  562-254-4868  cell

Republican, and Constitutional Fundamentalist

​God Bless American


God / Country / Family /   U.S.M.C. VET

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